General masonry works

RBPF works on general
masonry projects

Buildings and land tend to move about due to vehicle and machinery circulation on roads and pavements. This movement can cause lintels in older buildings to collapse. An expert construction company established in Rouen, Rénovation Bâtisseurs du Patrimoine Français works on general masonry projects in addition to facade renovation.

A turnkey solution for your masonry projects in Seine-Maritime, Picardie and Eure

RBPF replaces lintels and panels and changes porous, faulty or broken bricks. And because our team specialises in facade renovation and repointing, we offer a comprehensive service to our customers: from sodablasting to repointing plus general masonry. So why not enjoy a custom service using a single expert in the industry, and save time and money on your project!

Entreprise maçonnerie générale

RBPF, your general masonry company